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Rethink Ageing

By Reshmi Chakraborty
and Nidhi Chawla
Co-Founders of Silver Talkies

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In this book, co-authors and Silver Talkies co-founders Reshmi & Nidhi do a deep dive into understanding ageing, its impact on society, and overcoming certain 'hurdles.' The book is a culmination of their experience running Silver Talkies since 2014. Peppered with real-life stories -- from getting a PhD at 75 to running a marathon at 80, starting a modelling career in the early 70s or a new business at 65 --Rethink Ageing shows how ageing in a diverse country like ours can have many visuals. After all, why should age prevent us from living the lives we want to? With endorsements from Dr Marshall Goldsmith, Ratna Pathak Shah, Dr Devi Shetty and Bhaskar Ghose, Rethink Ageing is a unique read for all those giving growing older a good thought! 

About the AUTHORS

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Nidhi Chawla is the co-founder and Business & Strategy Head of Silver Talkies. She has several years of experience in the financial services sector, having worked with SREI International Securities as well as McKinsey & Company. Nidhi has received several leadership awards for her work in the eldercare space and is currently a member of the CII Seniorcare committee. When she isn't busy dreaming about the next big idea for enriching the lives of seniors, you will find her working out or flipping through three different books that are always on her table. This is her first book.

Reshmi Chakraborty is the co-founder and Editor of Silver Talkies, a social enterprise focused on active ageing since 2014. She has worked as a journalist for over two decades and continues to write for various publications. She believes in highlighting skill and initiative in older adults, many of whom are discovering new avenues at a later age. Reshmi loves to travel, attempts to read everything she can find and is trying in vain to get over her Netflix and Twitter addiction. This is her first book.

'Veena lyer, 66, got a degree in dance movement therapy. She is training to upgrade her skill and now runs various workshops. B.R. Janardan, 87, started running after 60 and has 16 full marathons under his belt.'

These important stories illustrate the shifting story of ageing in India. They battle the ageism deep-rooted in Indian culture with fixed notions of 'approved' behaviour. Grandchildren? Yes. Pilgrimage? Yes. But companionship? Gasp! A second career? Why the need? India will have over 300 million senior citizens by 2050. 'Active ageing' has become a popular topic of conversation in urban India and it is no longer uncommon to meet people like Janardan or lyer in our fast-evolving society. Urban Indians are navigating health challenges, isolation and shifting social barometers to practise active ageing, the best form of preventive healthcare.

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As someone who has always embraced change with enthusiasm (much like my mother), I feel vindicated that finally, the discussion around growing old has opened up. Fear and ignorance is being replaced by curiosity and possibilities. This book goes a long way in helping that process along - it puts the spotlight on the issues we try to ignore, from sex to senility and in doing so, helps us all - old & young - to discover the potential of the 'sunset' years. I'm surprised to find that my life has become so much more interesting to me as I've aged, and I hope many more will be thus surprised!

Ratna Pathak Shah

A rare collection that isn't condescending nor eclectic about longevity and ageing. It has real life examples that everyone can identify with. At the same time it provides check lists for elders that they can use for day to day activity and safety. I have been in this sector for last six years and can say with conviction that this is an unparalleled publication with immense usefulness for the Indian context. Well done!! #MustRead for elders.

Amar Jyoti

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Rethink Ageing

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